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The Consultant Facilitated Online Selfie is a tool for consultants facilitating a Lifecycles Selfie. Take a quick tour. Once the subscription request is processed, an email will be sent with two links: 1)the link to the form for disbursement and 2) the link to view the results.

Consultants use the Online Selfie in various ways to meet the needs of the people they are serving. Some ways it has already been used include:

                          • facilitating an organization complete the Online Selfie as a group, building consensus as they go
                          • having individuals of an organization individually complete the Online Selfie, then sharing and discussing the results
                          • holding a workshop with various organizations and having each organization work to complete the Online Selfie during the session

Note: the results will auto-populate in the response link as they are entered, allowing for real-time results.



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